Monday, May 6, 2013

What's worth knowing?

Schools teaches us a variety of different skills but somehow manage to  skip over the most important ones.  Sure we're taught math, writing and reading but we're not taught how to communicate our feelings or read other peoples expressions. School teaches us all the academic knowledge we need to know but fails to teach us any social knowledge.  By sitting in school everyday I'm not learning how to tell someone how I feel or how to understand what someone means just by looking at their face.  Now both those skills are extremely important but their not taught at school.  Sure people say you can't survive in the world without knowing math or learning to write but how can you survive never being able to tell someone how you feel or never being able to understand if a person is upset.  I believe that being able to read peoples expressions is immensly important and yet its never taugth to us.  Neil Gaimen was completely right when he said that schools don't teach us alot of stuff thats worth knowing.  As he said before they dont teach you how to love or how to be rich or poor.  Yet, arguably those are two important skills that will help you later in life.  I want to know why schools skip over such important information.  How are we suppose to go into life with such huge gaps in our  education?  How are we ever going to learn to love and trust someone if its not taught?  Maybe its assumed that we will pick it up on our own but that's not always the case. School needs to teach us  these things or atleast have them explained to us.

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