Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Wasteland Documentary

      The wasteland had a lot of memorable parts.  I think the most memorable part of the movie was when the catadores or the pickers saw the pictures that Vik had created.  I liked this part because the people were in awe and fascinated by what Vik had created.  I learned from Wasteland to be grateful for what I have and never take anything for granted.  you don't really understand how much you have until you see how little other people have.  From watching this film I will start to appreciate everything I have.  Until I watched this film I didn't know that people lived in the garbage.  After seeing this I want to appreciate everything no matter how big or how small.
       I think the people that had their lives turned into something bigger felt proud.  To them it probably felt like all their hard work paid off and they were finally being recognized for the good work they had been doing.  I think they also felt a bit overwhelmed.  This was something completely different than what they normally did.  At first I think it took them a little bit to get used to the idea that their daily jobs were turning into something bigger.
       I think I would feel overwhelmed too and a little scared.  I wouldn't know what to make of having my whole life turned into something more meaningful.  I would also feel shocked because I would be surprised that someone other than myself was so interested in my life.  I don't think there are aspects of my life that would lend myself to similar types of art.  My life isn't really full of anything interesting.

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