Friday, October 12, 2012


I think  the purpose of grades is to assess your learning ability.  Also so the teacher can see how welll you're doing.  I think the current grading system is okay.  It's easy to understand  because you know if you got an A you did good and if you got an F you did bad.  I think the system could be improved.  I think the current grading system does represent our skills accureately but if a parent were to look at it it would be hard to understand.  All you would see is the grade and nothing else.  I think we should transfer to standard base because that way when you look at your grades you can see what the test was one and also weather you are average, above average, or need to improvement. The current grading system doesn't tell you that much.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Are Schools killing creativity????

Are schools killing creativity?  That's the big question that everyone has been asking.  I agree with Sir Ken Robinson that schools are killing creativity.  Kids, myself included, are losing their creativity because it isn't being used in school.  For example every kind of project teachers assign they want it done a certain way and if you don't do it that way than you're wrong.  If you aren't able to do the project the way you want than you can't be creative. This actually happened to me last year.  My reading teacher assigned us a project and in that project we had to use drawn metaphors to relate to the character's life.  I did some different metaphors including one about crayons and I got a bad grade because they were out of the ordinary and in other words CREATIVE.   I guess because I didn't do the usual metaphors she decided that I was wrong.

A schools whole curriculum is based around passing the NJ Ask.  That test has absolutely no creativity incorporated into it.  So if the big test has no creativity in it than schools curriculum has no creativity in it either.  Sir Ken Robinson had some very valid points.  The one point that I thought was the best and made the most sense was that creativity needs to be nurtured.  You can't just not do anything with creativity and expect it still to be there.  Schools need to start embracing creativity instead of pushing it away. Creativity tests show that most children have less and less creativity.  Every one's born with creativity the trouble is keeping it.  In my opinion schools need to incorporate creativity into daily lessons.