Saturday, September 22, 2012

My Learning Styles

          Just from taking those 2 tests I learned alot about myself.  From the Gardner Multiple Intelligence Test I learned that I'm Bodily Kinesthetic.  That means I think through Somatic Sensations.  From the other test I learned that I'm Concrete Sequential.  This information will help me in school because now I know I learn better with hands on learning.  I also need to do sports and physical games.  Also I learn better with ordered, structured and practical lessons.  This will help me because now I know what type of learning I need to suceed.
      I admire alot of people. One person I admire is Abby Wambach. She's a u.s soccer player.  I tihnk her learning style is also bodily kinesthetic because she needs lots of activity and she enjoys playing sports too.  Another person I admire is Gabby Douglas, the olympic gymnast.  I think her learning style might also be Bodily Kinsethetic.  I think this because it says people need movement, physical games and sports.  Also people like thi also enjoy dancing, running and jumping. Those are 3 very important parts of gymnastics.  Another person I admire is Piccasso.  I think his learning style is Abstract random and  Musical.  I think this because both of those styles are creative and imaginitive.  Piccasso is an artist so he has to be creative and imaginitive.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Being gifted:Ups and downs

          There are many ups and downs of being gifted.  There are also alot of truths and myths about being gifted.  I'm going to tell you all about them so hopefully you will be able to understand gifted students better.
          One good thing about being gifted is somethings come easier to us than others. I guess technically that could also be a bad thing. For example I excel in math.  I'm taking honors geometry at the highschool this year.  On the other side I struggle with history and writing.  I still manage to get good grades in these classes but it takes me alot longer to understand something. Another up side is you get to take different classes. For example ROGATE.  This is a whole class designed for gifted students.  Taking this class also looks good on a college application.  You get 7 points added to your GPA just for taking this class. Another thing about being gifted is we are special.  We are unique and different.  You may not think that means anything but to us it's just a little confidence booster.  Any time you get down you can just think about why you're lucky to be gifted.  Overall being gifted is a great thing.
            Sadly, there are alot of downsides of being gifted.  There's alot of pressure.  People always expect more of you.  I usually get decent grades but if I slip up and get a bad grade my mom can't belive it.  She gets mad at me.  On the other hand my brother doesn't get very good grades. If he doesn't get a good grade my mom doesn't really care.  Just because I normally get good grades doesn't mean she should yell at me and be harder on me than she is to my brother.  Being gifted could also cause asynchronous development.  That means that parts of you develop faster than other parts.  For example you may be mentally developed but you might not be emotionally developed.  I am mentally developed but I'm not physically developed.  basically that means I'm short.  Another downside to being gifed is it's harder to fit in and you're sometimes bullied.  Becuase gifted peopel are so skillec in one or more areas we stick out from other kids.  We all try different things to fit in and try to be like everyone else.  Some people, myslef included, dumb themselves down.  That means we pretend to be stupider than we really are.  By pretending we aren't as smart we don't stand out as much.  Anyway, being gifted isn't aways fun.  There's alot of bad stuff (baggage) that comes along with being gifted.
            Now for the myths and truths of being gifted. One of the biggest myths about being gifted is.gifted students don't need help they will do fine on there own.  That is soooo untrue.  The truth is gifted students need just as much help as regular students.  We need to be given more advanced classes because we could get bored whitch could lead to bad habits in class.  Another myth is we are super smart and get straight A's and good grades.  A gifted child could get poor grades and still be gifted.  Being gifted doesn't mean your are smart and excel in every subject.  For some students that could be the case  but being gifted means having a special skill.  For example a student could be gifted in music.  Therefore, that doesn't mean they get good grades.  Another myth is that we are stuck up and think we're better.  In most of our cases that's not true at all.  The truth is we are just like every other kid.
       So hopefully after reading this blog you will understand gifted students better.   I hope next time you see a gfited student you will pay attention to the truths instead of the myths. Well hope you enjoyed!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

First blog Post!

 Hi my name is Erin
I'm in 8th Grade
My favorite subject is geometry!
My favorite thing to learn about outside of school is sports!!!!!!
In my free time I like to play soccer, field hockey and run track.
When I grow up I want to own a bakery!
Playing Sports make me happy.