Saturday, September 22, 2012

My Learning Styles

          Just from taking those 2 tests I learned alot about myself.  From the Gardner Multiple Intelligence Test I learned that I'm Bodily Kinesthetic.  That means I think through Somatic Sensations.  From the other test I learned that I'm Concrete Sequential.  This information will help me in school because now I know I learn better with hands on learning.  I also need to do sports and physical games.  Also I learn better with ordered, structured and practical lessons.  This will help me because now I know what type of learning I need to suceed.
      I admire alot of people. One person I admire is Abby Wambach. She's a u.s soccer player.  I tihnk her learning style is also bodily kinesthetic because she needs lots of activity and she enjoys playing sports too.  Another person I admire is Gabby Douglas, the olympic gymnast.  I think her learning style might also be Bodily Kinsethetic.  I think this because it says people need movement, physical games and sports.  Also people like thi also enjoy dancing, running and jumping. Those are 3 very important parts of gymnastics.  Another person I admire is Piccasso.  I think his learning style is Abstract random and  Musical.  I think this because both of those styles are creative and imaginitive.  Piccasso is an artist so he has to be creative and imaginitive.


  1. I am also Concrete Sequential! I also love doing hands-on experiments!

  2. My learning style is Concrete Sequential too.